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eTrex 30 route calculations

I hiked with the eTrex 30 over mountain terrain following a route I created. There was also the track from a previous hike. The hike of about 9km comprised a variety of sections; some flattish, some steep and some ridge walking. I watched the time to the next, distance to the next and ETA to destination and wondered how these figures were calculated and whether any reference is made to the track data?
For example when approaching a waypoint about halfway at the end of a moderate downhill section I watched the time to next counting down at perhaps three times the normal passage of time to ensure the time was zero at the waypoint. The leg was all of the same terrain, so should there have been a last minute catch up or should the calculations have been correct sooner?
Again on the final stretch when I assumed the ETA would be easy to calculate the ETA became later despite walking faster than elsewhere.


  • sussamb 759 Points
    I assume its like my Etrex 20 so the ETA is calculated based on your current speed. This means that if you're slowing down approaching a waypoint the time will increase, speed up and it decreases. Makes sense really ;)
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