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Garmin Suggestions Please

I posted this in another spot then figured out it should have been here. Both of my 2595 LMT's were stolen a couple of weeks ago. We are getting ready to head out on a 2400 mile trip and I need to get a replacement. I liked the 2595 except for a few frustrations with Voice Command. Also I wouldn't mind having a larger screen but that isn't a deal breaker. What ever I get must have USA and Canada maps. It must have Voice Command. I would very much like to have a button on the screen all the time so I can turn off the sound. {Some times Maybell just talks too much.} I ordered a 2689 LMT Refurb and it came yesterday. It dosent have the button to turn off the sound. Or at least I cant figure out how to get it on screen. But the big problem is that in daylight hours it flickers all the time. Its fine at night but in the day light it would drive me nuts. So I'm trying to return it. Now I don't know if I should get another 2595, have the 2689 replaced, or if there is something else that will do what I want and I should look at. So If any one has suggestions or recommendations I would sure like to hear them.


  • sussamb 764 Points
    edited June 2016
    You've already had an answer in the other thread you started. Creating two makes it difficult for folks to comment, or if they do they're possibly repeating what's already been said. I think the other thread is more appropriately placed but no doubt a mod will decide and close one or the other.
  • kschas 31 Points
    I thought RECOMMENDATIONS would be were I should post as what Im looking for are recommendations on a unit that will do what I want. But I had already place the other post .Im sorry if I caused a problem.
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