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  • Zemartelo 102 Points
    $399.99 its a pass for me. A device like that should not be more than 199.99.

  • Boyd 1848 Points
    Thanks for posting. Here are the product pages:

    Don't see anything compelling though. The radar on the map looks very cool, but the problem with these "connected" features is that they require the use of a smartphone for data. And if you have the phone with you anyway, then you have to ask yourself what the dedicated GPS device adds… ;)

  • Zemartelo 102 Points
    Exactly Boyd, the device will require a phone for the data part which is fine but at that point why not just use the geocaching app and weather data from the phone? And then if we dont put a pocket query on the unit and we find ourselves out in an area without data reception then what?
  • Boyd 1848 Points
    Just noticed something interesting and unique about these new models. Go to the product pages in the llinks above and click on the Specs tab, then scroll down to the bottom under Additional. The Oregon 700 series supports 15,000 map segments.

    This is quite a change from other recent devices that only support a maximum of 4,000. Segments are the individual tiles that make up a map. There are no standard sizes, it's up to the mapmaker. A segment might cover an entire state, or just one city. But they have always been a big limitation when it comes to loading multiple maps.

    If you exceed the segment limit, some maps will not be fully accessible. Garmin's own 24k maps have lots of segments, perhaps over 2,000, so typically you would hit the limit when loading two of these products on most devices. Older handhelds like the GPSMap 60csx or eTrex Legend can only access about 2,000 segments total.

    So this is a big improvement, and long overdue IMO.
  • truckinguy 115 Points
    Well Garmin just keeps making these better and better .little at a time...Better antenna on this 700,etc. Garmin seems to be way ahead as usual then most folks comprehend with these gps units...
    We just bought a 600 T Oregon..good enough for us.. it was on sale at Cabelas' for $300... worth every penny..
    My wife dropped it down on concrete..bounced along a few times... no damage.. do that with a phone. she hangs it on her front pack strap and it bounces all day hitting trees and her pack,etc. Rugged gps... Too small for me..still like my Monterra..been hiking mountains every weekend since January with it..Oregon is too small for me but the wife likes the size..
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