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Garmin vivoactive

I purchased a vivoactive sports watch in April and have experienced a problem with the sports watch screen. When I took a recent flight from Kraków to London the screen cracked from top to bottom and the screen lifted along the crack when the aircraft went up to 38,000 ft. There was no issue with the screen before this flight so I am assuming there must have been a fault with the screen which was exposed when there was a cabin pressure change. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Garmin have responded to my complaint saying that the damage must have been caused by a heavy blow to the watch and accidental damage is not covered by warranty and therefore the cost of repair (£82.50) must be paid by me. Naturally I am VERY disappointed by their response and I'm trying to find out whether anyone else has experienced this sort of issue. Thanks for any help anyone can provide.


  • Boyd 1953 Points
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  • privet01 145 Points
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    I can't say that your issue wasn't caused as you believe. However you have a lot of physics and engineering that will say it ain't so and couldn't be.

    Cabin pressure is likely only 6000 to 8000ft when the plane is at 38,000ft. Doubtful if it got anywhere near 10,000 ft. Surely there were quite a few others on the plane wearing the same and similar fitness trackers that didn't experience the problem.

    The real problem was likely something else and if at all the slight pressure differential just exposed the defect. Whether it was a manufacturing defect or accidental damage from an impact who is to say.

    But if you do indeed think there is a manufacturer defect, then you likely will find more users of the vivoactive and other garmin fitness trackers over at
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