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Montana 650T Maps

I want to have a clear out on my 650T.
What map is the one supplied with the machine that it needs to boot please?
I have the Worldwide DEM Basemap and Recreational Map Europe as the first two available though I am not sure which is which on the disk (4 gig gmapprom or 50 meg gmapbmap). I never use either.

I have Talkytoaster maps that I normally use on the internal memory which is close to full. I have the OS map and others on an SD drive which I also never use.

Need to load European maps and would prefer to use internal memory if possible.

If I start deleting core maps am I going to be able to recover via the USB cable in mass storage mode or will I finish up with a brick?

Suggestions welcome on what the minimum I can have on internal memory to boot please.

Please no recommendations on using the SD card for extra maps I know all about that and am just interested in what I can get rid of in internal memory. I have already paired down the normal voice files etc.


  • sussamb 764 Points
    edited July 2016
    gmapbmap is the basemap and shouldn't be deleted. Any other map can be deleted and your Montana will still work. Indeed it might even work without the basemap, but I'm not sure about that as I've never tried it (and don't intend to :) )

    Without knowing exactly what you have loaded and being able to look at your files I suggest you simply move any other map to your PC and see the effect it has. You can then always copy it back.

    I have the 650T with OS mapping. Also talkytoaster and numerous other maps, split between device and card. There is no discernible difference between maps on card or device, so I wouldn't worry about where you put maps.
  • Chris_Sav 116 Points

    So long as I can get back to mass storage mode there should not be a problem

    Will try deleting the big map (have backups)


  • Boyd 1953 Points
    You can certainly delete gmapprom.img, and I suspect you can also delete gmapbmap.img (although it is so small there really isn't much point). Just make sure you have a good backup (or two). :)
  • Chris_Sav 116 Points
    Won't be tempting fate by deleting the basemap as deleting the 4 gig map will do the trick.

    From bitter experience backups are something I am paranoid about - primary is daily to a local network NAS mirror raid server and that is mirrored monthly via freefilesync to a 6tb external that is kept away from the house.

  • Chris_Sav 116 Points
    Good stuff, deleted what I presume to be the big topo map gmapprom and it boots on the tiny world base map.

    Loads of space.

    Thanks for your help.
  • sussamb 764 Points
    Great :)
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