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SK coordinates

Hi all
I dont know anything about what I'm going to ask your all for so please bear with me.
I'm looking for a handheld gps that I can use off road but I need it with SK coordinates.
The garmin car satnav has it but it's useless when walking across a field.
Can anyone shed some light on what make/model I may need or is there an app I could downloads?
Thank you


  • Boyd 1848 Points
    edited August 2016
    Are these the coordinates that are used on Ordinance Survey Maps? Why is the car gps "useless"? Does the pointer not move when you walk across the field? The maps on these devices have something called "road lock" that will snap your position to a road if you are near one. However, if you install a different kind of map this will not happen. So perhaps that is all you need to do?

    Are you in the UK? I'm in the US but know that these maps are popular:

    We have a forum member from the UK that can probably offer some additional help. I'm not familiar with SK Coordinates, but if they are available on the Nuvi then they should also work on any Garmin handheld device. Beyond that, it's just a question of the features you want; touchscreen vs pushbuttons, large vs small, etc. A handheld would also allow you to use satellite imagery through Garmin Birdseye.
  • Hi thanks for your reply.
    I am in the uk and I need the sk coordinates for my job. I work for the water board and this is what they use.
    I wanted a basic water proof handheld for when I'm in a field looking for water meters/stop taps.
    The sat nav belongs to work so I can't change anything on there and I can't use it in the rain. It dose move across the field but with my job it gets very wet and muddy at times and thought getting a handheld one would benefit me.
  • Boyd 1848 Points
    OK, I see. Well Garmin makes a full range of devices that are very different. Is there some store where you could actually see and hold different models? You really won't appreciate all the differences by looking on the internet.

    If you want a large touchscreen, the Montana series is great, although expensive - I have one. If you want small with pushbuttons the eTrex series is inexpensive and popular. The other models fall somewhere in between.

    Do you have a smartphone? Another alternative would be a waterproof/shockproof case. Some of these even include a battery for extra runtime. This will be cheaper than buying a dedicated GPS, and there are many good apps to choose from on both iOS and Android.
  • Thanks for the info we have very limited shops that deal in them and most don't know anything about them.
    My work mobile runs on android and is waterproof but I've looked at all the apps but I can't find one that says it uses SK coordinates.
    Thanks for your help sofar
  • Boyd 1848 Points
    Hmm, I just looked at Oruxmaps and Galileo which are the two apps I use the most, and I don't see any option for SK coordinates, so maybe you are right.

    If you can't try any of Garmin's handhelds in person, then I strongly suggest that you purchase from a place that has a liberal return/exchange policy.

    Here is the basic Montana. Screen is much bigger and higher resolution than any of their other models:

    In the touchscreen line, the Oregon series would be the next step down. In certain ways it is more advanced than the Montana. It has a glass multi-touch screen where the Montana is a resistive screen:

    Then there's the eTrex 35 which is their smallest touch screen. Not very familiar with these, they are rather new:

    If you prefer pushbuttons, there's the GPSMap64 series. These are styled similar to the very popular GPSMap60 series from 10 ore more years ago:

    Then there's the pushbutton version of the eTrex:

    I really don't know what kind of vendors you will have access to in the UK. The links above are from Garmin's US site, however if you look at the upper right corner of the website window, there should be a little US flag that you can click to change countries and see local pricing.

    You may find stores that sell for less than Garmin's list price, you need to shop around. Here in the US, we can get factory refurbished versions of older models. These are generally excellent deals, they have the same Garmin warranty as new and have been fully checked and refurbished. A refurb might cost 40% less than the new version.

    The previous generations of the devices above are still good choices if you can find them, for example the Montana 600, GPSMap 62, Etrex 30.

    I imagine @sussamb will check in here with some suggestions since he is also in the UK. Happy shopping! :)
  • Boyd 1848 Points
    edited August 2016
    BTW, are SK coordinates the same thing as "British Grid"? I see that my Montana 600 supports British Grid but no mention of SK. Their handhelds have a very large number of options for position format and datum and I am pretty sure the same options are available on all their devices.
  • privet01 145 Points
    Wikipedia talks about an SK-42 reference system that was developed by the Soviets back in 1942. It was primarily used for military mapping. It is also known as the Krasovsky ellipsoid.

    None of my Garmin's....... handheld, marine, nuvi or cycling show that as an available datum reference.
  • Boyd 1848 Points
    edited August 2016
    I think @bigwill is talking about British Grid references that look something like SK 237 859. I assume these come from the Ordinance Survey Maps (OS Maps).

    But this is all new to me, so maybe he can clarify. :)
  • sussamb 759 Points
    Yes, it would help if I knew what SK coordinates are? If by that @bigwill is talking about British Grid or BNG then there are numerous smart phone apps that will do what he wants, and of course all of the Garmin handheld range have a BNG setting also.

    If they are OS coordinates the SK ones are around Stoke-on-Trent ... the two letter bi-nome at the start of grid references simply refers to which of the 100 x 100 km grids you're actually in.
  • jangeo67 86 Points
    he might want to take a look at All-In-One Offline Maps+ on his smartphone. very full featured
  • sussamb 759 Points
    Well there are numerous apps, but first we need to be sure we understand what he needs.
  • Boyd 1848 Points
    sussamb said:

    Yes, it would help if I knew what SK coordinates are?

    Haha, I thought you would know. I guess @bigwill wasn't kidding when he said "I dont know anything about what I'm going to ask". :))

    The one thing we do know however is that the Nuvi can accept the kind of coordinates he wants to use. That is, if he was talking about a nuvi when mentioned his "garmin car satnav". So he probably isn't talking about an obscure Soviet coordinate system from 1942. ;)
  • sussamb 759 Points
    Boyd said:

    So he probably isn't talking about an obscure Soviet coordinate system from 1942. ;)

    Agreed, I suspect it is British National Grid and he's in the 100 x 100 km square that is SK ... if so a smart phone app is probably the best way to go ;)
  • Thanks for all the comments.
    On my work handheld computer it has the address and coordinates to pinpoint water meters ie (sk 41603 29556)
    I work in Derbyshire in the uk
  • Right I've found a video on BNG and it turns out the sk part is the where I work, ie sk is Derbyshire/Leicestershire areas just like sussamb said.
    So anyone know what device would be good for me?
    Thank you all
  • sussamb 759 Points
    edited August 2016
    If you have a smart phone download ViewRanger. It's free and will allow you to download free mapping and uses BNG.
  • Thanks sussamb I will get it now :)
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