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GPSMap 78s and humidity problems with unit

I am using the GPSMap 78s on my kayak out to sea but currently using my 3rd unit due to water getting inside the unit over time. The first were replaced after about 5 months of use. Is there a way to dehumidify the unit after each use or a type of gadget that I can buy to do this? Leaving the unit in dry rice for a week or two sometimes sort the problem for 1 or 2 outings but then starting giving problems again with the buttons again, either zooming in and out or switching on or of.


  • privet01 145 Points
    Most of Garmin's devices are only ipx7, which is good, but not great, IMO. I have several of their Marine chartplotters and an GPSmap76csx. One of the chartplotters regularly gets a little moisture inside and fogs up the inside of the glass over the display. When it gets to be too much of an annoyance, I just remove the screws holding the case together and set it in front of a fan at home. If I'm in a hurry I'll use a hair dryer on low heat.

    Though the rice in a bag does work to some extent, rice really isn't that great a desiccant and if you don't expose the inside air of the device to the outside air, then it's a slow process that will give plenty of time for things inside to corrode from the water.

    There really isn't anything special about the seal on any of the Garmin's I've opened. Just a rubber o-ring that fits in a groove that goes around the inside edge of the case. If your Garmin is regularly taking on water and you are out of warranty, then opening it, cleaning the seal and reassembling it might help it.

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