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Curve Ahead Alert Freezing (Drive 60 LMT)

Hi all,
Wondering if anyone else has had this problem:
I frequently find that the "Curve Ahead" alert/banner freezes. The map itself doesn't freeze, just the yellow banner at the top of the screen. One other piece of information is that it seems to freeze at 200 ft.. I can easily clear the problem by exiting the map, then return. This isn't a new problem, and it's intermittent. I really wish I could just completely remove the alert (already disabled the audible alert for it).
Any thoughts?


  • gpz1100 83 Points
    I find it a dangerous distraction when driving curvy backroads. I know there's curves ahead, that's why I picked the road. Let me turn this nuisance off.

    I even sent in a suggestion to garmin. If more people do it, maybe future update will enable a toggle for it.
  • jpr 11 Points
    I've had this problem. I created a support ticket with Garmin a couple of months ago, they told me to reinstall the software and if the problem still happens then I can return the device. The problem happened about once a week for me.

    I just updated the software to 4.10 the other week and so far I haven't had the problem. Let's hope I don't see the problem again.

    Other than that, I love the device.
  • I ended up having to replace the unit itself, but need to find some curvy roads somewhere here in South Florida to test the new one with. A also downloaded the recent update, so hoping it is now a moot point!
    Thanks for replying :)
  • jpr 11 Points
    Disappointed, I'm still having the freezing alert, even after the latest software update.
  • jtilton 0 Points
    edited September 2016
    I'm curious, jpr, does the alert freeze at 200 ft? I believe mine did every single time. Coincidence?
  • jpr 11 Points
    I'll pay attention if it's always frozen at the exact same distance all the time.

    Most of the the time it's a curve ahead alert, but that's the most common type of alert on the roads I drive on. Although this weekend was the first time I had an animal crossing alert freeze on me.
  • jpr 11 Points
    It happened again last weekend, with an animal crossing alert, stuck at 80 meters (over 250 feet). New alerts would occur and overlay the animal crossing alert, they would go away, but the animal alert would remain.
  • Yup, exactly the same behavior as with with the "Curve Ahead" alert freezing. Odd.
  • gpz1100 83 Points
    Does exiting to the main screen then coming back to the map view make it go away? I'm still on 3.50 or 3.60. Don't believe I've experienced this issue. Maybe it's more a mapping error that's causing the software to hang...?
  • jpr 11 Points
    I just got a Drivesmart 61 LMT-S. I had a curve ahead alert freeze on me. So the problem occurs on multiple models. I sent an email to Garmin support..
  • sussamb 798 Points
    Not had mine hang at all in the couple of months I've been using it.
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