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OFFLINE GPS app for mi iphone 6

Hello Guys, i´m writing to see if you guys can clear some of my doubts and can help me so i can make a decision.
My Garmin Nuvi finally gave up!! after some use and abuse, it finally gave up!! i really think it is time to "advance" with technology and get a GPS app for my iphone and use my phone as a GPS.
I´ve been reading a LOT, but there are some questions that i still have in my mind. After a lot of research i think this the best forum to get the help i need.
I currently live in Spain, so i will be using maps of Europe.
After everything i have read, i have decided that i will either get the NAVIGON app, or the GARMIN GPS STREET PILOT. I am very used to the Garmin interface and i don't want to switch to something totally different like TOMTOM or something like that.
I will enumerate the doubts i have, and hopefully you guys can respond to my questions.
I would appreciate if you could help me clear my mind about how this 2 apps work regarding the following questions.

1) are both of the apps offline apps??? if i travel to other country, will i be able to use them without using any data plan??
2) i have read everywhere that the app itself, plus the maps, can take up to 3 gb of my memory. According to the IOS APP STORE both apps, in the European version, have the maps of most of the European countries. i understand that with the purchase you get the "pack" of "ALL THOSE MAPS" . The question is, can i download ONLY the map that i need?? for example, since i live in Spain, can i download ONLY the Spain map?? and if i am going to travel to another county, download the country that i will be visiting??
3) since the device is a cell phone, i would assume that with either app, i would be able to take a phone call while using it as a gps??
4) if i have my iphone connected to my car through Bluetooth in order to play music, can i still play music while using the device as a gps??
5) how do i know that neither of the 2 apps are using my data to navigate?? i just want to make sure that while i am driving, my data is only being used to receive a whatsapp messages or whatever i want. i just DON'T WANT none of my data plan to be used by the gps.. is it possible with the 2 apps?? how is the process to "prevent" the app from using my data plan??
6) At around 60 or 70 usd, neither of the 2 apps is cheap. Can i download it in my wife's Iphone as well?? She has her own Apple ID.. if she sings in in her phone with my Apple Id to download it, and once it is downloaded in her phone, she signs back in with her own Apple Id, will the 2 apps work properly??? will she have any restrictions??
7) which of the 2 apps is better for pedestrians??
8) i assume that if i get a new iphone, all the info that i have stored about poi´s will be there when i download it again in my new device?? and i also assume that i won´t have to pay again and i can download the apps as many times as i want right??

As you guys can see, most of my questions are related to how the apps perform, because i have seen lots of videos and i have read tons of reviews and i know both apps are pretty good doing their required job. My questions are mainly about switching from a gps only unit, to using my phone as a gps
I tried to be as clear as possible so you guys can understand my questions. English is not my primary language, so i apologize for all the English mistakes that i have made.
Thank you all in advanced for taking the time to answer my questions and help me take a decision about which app to buy!!
Feel free to ask anything if you need to!!


  • Boyd 2043 Points
    I have an iPhone 6s plus and both apps, so I can answer at least some of your questions.

    I got the Navigon app a long time ago, before the StreetPilot app was available. I have used a variety of Nuvis (and a StreetPilot 2620 before that), but recently decided it was time to switch to the phone instead. So for starters I updated the Navigon app to the latest version and gave it a try. Personally, I just don't care for it, but my reasons a personal so you need to decide for yourself. I find the map rather ugly and sometimes confusing. The biggest annoyance was that I couldn't find a way to disable auto-zoom, and the app was frequently zooming way out to the point where smaller roads vanished.

    So I didn't spend much time using it and can't tell you a lot more. It certainly works fine with the maps loaded locally on the GPS. And IIRC, you can choose smaller regions to load. I was using the US version however, not the EU. I don't remember whether Navigon had a pedestrian mode, sorry.

    I purchased StreetPilot (app is actually called "Garmin Western Europe - a couple years ago for use as a pedestrian while staying with a friend in Athens. It looks and works just like a Nuvi in most respects. The Pedestrian module ("Urban Guidance") is sold separately as an in-app purchase. There are a variety of in-app purchases and it is easy to end up with a $100 app if you want all the features. I found that the pedestrian navigation worked well, but there were some bugs. Probably no worse than the bugs found on a Nuvi though. ;)

    You can choose many smaller regions to download, I only installed a few countries since I was spending the whole time in Greece. I'm sure you can keep it well under 3gb. After the maps are installed on your phone, the app uses very little data. I was concerned since I only had a small data plan for my visit, so I kept turning off data. But after I saw how little it used, I didn't bother. Traffic would be one thing that uses data (also a separate in-app purchase), and the pedestrian mode uses small amounts of data to access public transit schedules. If you turn off data, it will still work but it won't be able to route you via public transit. Not a problem for me, because was was walking everywhere.

    When you go to the settings, you can turn off Cellular Data for only the StreetPilot app if you want. The app continues to work fine, but will give you some warnings about things like transit schedules being unavailable.

    Here in the US, they sell a couple different versions, one with all of North America and another with only the US. IIRC, it is similar in the EU. But think carefully before you purchase the cheaper (smaller) version. You cannot upgrade or add more maps after purchase. So if you later decide you want other countries, you would have to purchase an entire new app. This is a pain, since I have two completely separate apps, one for the EU and another for the US.

    I only have one iOS device, but Apple's policy is that you can use apps on all iOS devices registered to your Apple ID. I'm not sure if this also applies to the in-app purchases however. I only have one iOS device so it's not an issue. If your wife has a different Apple ID, that is what Family Sharing is for. This is an Apple feature that should apply to all apps. As long as both your Apple ID's are tied to the same credit card, you should be able to share. Again, not sure if this applies to in-app purchases.

    I don't know for sure, but I suspect you will not be able to share favorites/shared places between Apple IDs. However, according to Garmin, all iOS devices associated with the same Apple IDs can share favorites via iCloud. Have never really looked in to this.

    The important thing to realize is, you cannot import or export any data from StreetPilot. So you will not be able to import your favorites or routes from your Nuvi. I figured out a way to get my favorites into StreetPilot one at a time, but it is a little complicated:

    There are certainly some issues with the StreetPilot app, and it doesn't appear to get very many updates. One might wonder if they will someday dump it, like they did with the "ViaGo" app. And the maps are not very new, probably a year behind updates on the Nuvi. Really, that doesn't bother me so I haven't even checked to see if new maps are available. All things considered, I'm quite happy with StreetPilot, it's the only one I use.

    BTW, your English is excellent. :)
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    You might also want to look at this long thread. I made a number of posts about StreetPilot, including screenshots:

    Also see this thread, I posted screenshots of the Western EU map and pedestrian mode there:
  • Boyd, THANK you for taking the time to answer some of my questions, i really appreciate it!!
    According to what you said, i can download or install in my phone ONLY some of the countries that come with the "apps maps pack" correct?? If thats is correct, that would be one of the things i was looking for..
    Lets see if someone else knows about the auto-zoom in the NAVIGON app. That should be a real pain in the ass!!
    Again, thanks. I am going to check the links you shared!!
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    Yes, there are many smaller maps that make up the complete EU map, so you should be able to keep memory usage to a minimum. Sorry, can't be specific because I removed the EU version from my phone since I don't have any plans to visit in the near term.
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