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I am trying to import "Esso" Gas Stations to my Garmin (nuvi 2729LM) ...... At Esso's Site, it states this:

"Note that Esso station files are only available for those GPS devices listed"

How do I import a CSV, GPI or GPX ? Which one do I import and how ?



  • sussamb 787 Points
    If you have a .gpi file you simply place it in the POI folder of your nuvi
  • t923347 424 Points
    True, but if you want to install more things (custom POI's) than just the ESSO gpi file you'll eventually need Garmin POI Loader software to convert csv and gpx files into a gpi. You'll find very few gpi files in your searching but many hundreds of csv or gpx files for just about any thing you can think of needed a list of. These can't just be copied to your GPS.

    A good place to start would be at which contains a bunch of tutorials, how to's as well has hundreds of user created and maintained custom POI files.
  • Thanks All
  • If you stick with .csv files then you can edit in excel (or any spreadsheet) any personal changes when you find an independent service station has changed branding or when one you find no longer exists, I find this is handy as I the POI files seem to be a moving target that no one I have found keeps up to date. POI-factory seems to be the best though.

    Then run POI loader to convert the file to .gpi to place on you GPS either after you save the converted file or use POI loader to both conversion and download.
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