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64st searching for loaded POI's that are distant by name - unable to get returns

I load up a pocket query for a location 200+ miles away, when I do a search to route, I get unable to locate change parameters. For example live in the SF Bay area, placed a bunch of locations near Mt Shasta which is around 200 miles away and when I do a search, none found, yet if I slide there in the map window, items are there. My 62 works fine doing this, so there must be a setting someplace


  • sussamb 764 Points
    edited September 2016
    There is a limit on how far away a search will look. If you can see them on the map they've loaded correctly.

    You could also set your 64 into GPS off or demo mode. You can then set your location in the area of the caches so you can then search.
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