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softwear for Seven Summits gps watch with heart rate

Hi, I have recently recived from someone a GPS watch Seven Summits with a lot of functions but I don't have the softwear for it so it cant be coonected to pc. Please tell me if you know where can I find the softwer for this watch because I couldn`t found the manufacturer`s official site, or maibe a compatible soft? Thank you!


  • What kind of interface does it have to the computer? USB or wireless? If it is usb, then does it show up as a drive when you connect it to your computer? If it's wireless, have you tried to see if you can pair it with bluetooth and get it to show on your computer?

    If you can get to where you can see it as a drive or removable storage, then you likely can browse the filesystem on it with your computers file explorer and find the activity files it keeps. If they are not proprietary file formats, then you might be able to import them to a website such as Strava, MapMyRun or various others. There is also stand-alone software but I've not looked at any lately though I use the very old Garmin Training Center.

    You could always just try different websites and software to see if any are able to receive or read the information from the watch. I wouldn't let them do anything that might be writing or updating information to it until you know for sure what it is you have.

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    Thanks for your answer, and the interface is called PC link I think, it has an usb port to connect to pc and a clamp with four contact pins that connects to my watch. The problem is that my computer don't see me watch at all therefore I`m looking for the driver. When I first connected to my pc with Windows 7 (tried also on Win XP pro) it tried to find some kind of driver so that I can brose the filesystem on it but unfortunately my pc showed a message "something went wrong ..." and it couldn`t installed some compatible softwear. Can you please tell me some names of this kind of softwear that could be compatible with my watch, because I`m new on this field and it could take me long time to find answers on the net. I don't know whis this producer Seven Summits is so hard to be found on the net?
  • I`ve tried Runastic soft, Garmin connect, Nike connect, Soleus sync 2 but none of them can find my device.
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    calinmmc said:

    I don't know whis this producer Seven Summits is so hard to be found on the net?

    Might be that it is made by another company as a promotional item for another company or organization. Or maybe it doesn't pass import laws for other countries and doesn't have a wide distribution.

    I live in the USA and I have a computer I picked up out of the trash bin that someone else threw away. It's made by Sony and as best I can tell, it's only distributed in Japan. When I sent Sony some questions about it such as specifications for memory and such, they refuse to answer. I even called Sony support and they wouldn't even acknowledge the model number I gave them that is clearly printed on a Sony mfg label. I did however find the info for it on a Sony Japan site and was able to translate the manual with the specs.. Again possibly Sony USA would not acknowledge any of this because of import laws or trade laws.

    I did a quick google for the company you mentioned and the closest I came to it was in Cyrillic or some other language.

    You don't have any written instructions for it?

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    The watch is the same with this on, but is not branded Pyle
  • privet01 231 Points
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    Even the Pyle website does not show that model number in the advertisement you referenced. But it could be that their site is only showing me what is marketed for the USA.

    Have you tried downloading their software??
  • Didn`t have time yet to trie if it works but it should work because I think is the same watch and difrent year of production.
  • This watch is sold on a lot of sites in European online shops (ex., so this is not a problem the problem is the lack of support softwear that can be found on the net.
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  • I think the soft that I downloade is not meant for this watch.
  • I don't know what to tell you. If you can't browse the file structure on that device with your computer and find .gpx, .fit files or other common types of files used for fitness and gps trackers, nor can you find software to use with it, then you just have a watch.

    The fact you can't find any useful information from an internet search should speak volumes. Of course that can change at any moment.
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