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advice on what to choose between nuvi 2689LM and nuvi 58 LMT

Hello, I have a dilema and would like to get some advice. I bought a nuvi 2689 LM, and trying it I came to the conclusion that its too big, and I really dont need the bluethooth conectivity, voice comand and smartphone link. When I chose the 2689 I was influenced by a review on Amazon , which said that the older 2689 was better than the new nuvi drive smart 50 ( some glitch which keeps an avoidance option selected, even if you deselected it . I wont go for the new drive smart because its price is too high. I read this review about the nuvi 58 LMT this one .
I dont travel that much, but I need a reliable device to get me to destination, without too much fancy stuff.
I'm thinking about sending the 2689 back and ordering a 58 LMT ( I think the basic traffic option would be better than bluetooth and voice comand, wont use them ever), I think it would suit my needs better.
Has anybody else used the 58 LMT, any hints on which one to choose?
Thank you
Bretoteanu Dan


  • It shows that I have a reply, but I dont see it. Am I doing something wrong?
  • alanb 530 Points
    I don't see any replies ... so I will give you a reply with something else to consider. I don't know how much you are willing to spend, but if you want to go back to a 5" screen, you could consider the factory refurb 3597LMTHD ($179.95, I am guessing the 58LMT is more like $140, so you may not want to go that high, but the 3597 is a premium device with a beautiful dual-orientation 5" screen. Factory refurbs have the same one year Garmin warranty as new devices.
  • t923347 424 Points
    The 3597 has many (all) the features you say you do not want or need but for $180 it's a fantastic buy for probably the best Nuvi that Garmin has ever built.

    IMHO it would be well worth the price difference between it and the 58.
  • Thank you for the advices, but the 3597 isn't available in Romania (neither new nor refurbished) and it's more than my budget (about 200 euro), the only one available is the 58 LMT. I don't want to order it from another country (what if i have to send it back, transport costs, etc), so thats why I was leaning towards the 58 LMT.
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