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Isle of Man

I have a Montana GPS and want to download the free IOM map from Garmin but i just get some codes which look like rubbish to me.
Anyone got any suggestions?


  • nevw 88 Points
    Can you paste a link to the free garmin IOM so we can see too
  • nevw 88 Points
    Yes, if you click on the download link it displays as a binary file on my browser screen.
    Instead, I right-clicked the download link, save link as, chose the garmin gps and the file downloaded as IOM.img at 33.4MB. I then transferred it to the Garmin directory and Javawa likes it and Garmin Basecamp displays an attractive map of the Ilse of Man.
    I wish I could download a free map like that for Australia.
  • sussamb 829 Points
    Free maps of the world here
  • Ramaprem 112 Points
    I'm always using the above-mentioned site to get maps for my eTrex. Terrific source.
    The maps have amazing detail.
  • I love IOM TT. This years TT will be start in few days
  • Chris_Sav 127 Points
    Prefer the Classic TT & Manx GP myself, less hectic and love seeing the vintage bikes
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