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Need Help With New Garmin RV 760LMT

Hi, new Garmin owner here!

How would I go about creating a "Custom Avoidance" for Dead End Streets (a disaster in any RV'ers life!)

Also, is there any way to disable all the "Warning Screens" when you turn on the unit?

Is the RV model that I own, also considered to be a Dezl 760LMT?

Thank you,



  • t923347 424 Points
    If your talking about the EULA screens appearing when you first turn the device on, they will disappear once you use the device to travel for at least 20 seconds going over 3 MPH. Once this requirement has been met, the EULAs should no longer appear during startup.

    If your talking about the single WARNING screen that appears about using the device while the vehicle is moving then NO you can't disable that screen. It will disappear without user intervention after about 10 seconds.
  • Boyd 1960 Points
    Custom avoidances are covered on page 7 of your manual:

    However, I don't think you quite understand their function. You can't create a global avoidance (avoiding all dead end streets), you must choose a specific street or area. For example, you could select the whole area around a city to avoid being routed through it.

    Global avoidances are found under Settings > Navigation > Avoidances

    I don't think you can specifically avoid dead end streets though. However, the unit (is supposedly) smart enough not to send you down a dead end street, unless that's where your destination is. :)

    No way to disable the warnings, thank Garmin's legal department for that, ;)

    The Dezl 760 hardware is the same as the RV760 (I have a Dezl 760), however the software (specificlaly the user interface) is completely different. The Dezl model was released in 2012 and has an interface similar to the 2012 Nuvi - almost identical to the Nuvi 3590 in fact. But the RV model was released in 2013 and has an interface more similar to the Nuvi 3597. The Dezl models are also slanted more towards commercial trucks and not recreational drivers.
  • Boyd 1960 Points
    edited September 2016
    t923347 said:

    It will disappear without user intervention after about 10 seconds.

    On my Dezl, which I use in automotive mode, the first warning says it won't calculate appropriate truck routes. This cannot be disabled and requires physical acknowledgement. The second warning is like the one on the Nuvi and I don't know if it will go away by itself, because I manually dismiss it also since it comes up immediately after the first warning. :)

    Yeah, all the software license warnings should go away after a day or so of use.
  • Thank you so much you guys! This forum is awesome!!

    Thank you again!

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