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CN NA 2017.30


  • Zemartelo 207 Points
    edited October 2016
    Anyone noticing anything different about it in regards to the update that devices got last week for larger maps?

    My express tells me that its a 6.05GB download
  • alanb 557 Points
    Nope. From what I can tell, this map installs just like any of the prior ones. Since the Europe map is the one close to the 4GB FAT32 limit, maybe CN Europe 2017.30 will be the one that will "tell the tale" on handling large size maps
  • t923347 533 Points
    edited October 2016
    Yes, over a 6GB download but that's all types of maps - road, 3D, DEM, JCV, plus Voice Recognition, etc. and the downloaded map data isn't compressed which is part of the work done on your computer prior to the transfer to the GPS.

    Borrowing from a post alandb made on another site, the files installed on a 3597 look like this:

    2,600 gmap3d.gma
    240,615,424 gmap3d.img
    25 gmap3d.unl
    623,591,424 gmapdem.img
    2,600 gmapprom.gma
    2,796,290,048 gmapprom.img
    25 gmapprom.unl

    68,040,926 05j7k9a8.srx (replaces 05hpwx6o.srx)
    459,728,310 05j7k9a9.asr (replaces 05hpwx6p.asr)
    69,440,535 05j7k9aa.asr (replaces 05hpwx6q.asr)
    243,844,587 05j7k9ab.asr (replaces 05hpwx6r.asr)
    541,111,533 05j7k9ac.asr (replaces 05hpwx6s.asr)

    508,488,002 d3191210a.jcv (replaces d3191200a.jcv)

    620,622,473 d2656230a.sid (replaces d2656220a.sid)
    436,010,119 d3157210a.sid (replaces d3157200a.sid)
    159,677,220 d3398200a.sid (replaces d3398190a.sid)
    132,684,786 d3406200a.sid (replaces d3406190a.sid)

    9,949,184 d3397200a.db (replaces d3397190a.db)

    More like 3 to 4GB of data installed on the Nuvi.

    What I noticed after installing the device software update and then downloading the map update was:

    - GE initially crapped out and reported an error that it couldn't download the update
    - MapUpdater downloaded about 65% of the update and then went back to 50% before continuing to completion
    - MapUpdater reported it has successfully installed the maps on to the device (which it had) but that could not install them to may computer except the files are on my computer and work fine in BaseCamp.
  • alanb 557 Points
    edited October 2016
    Actually, if you add up the bytes of all those files and divide by 1 GB (1,073,741,824 bytes), I think you will find it is over 6 GB installed on the nuvi. Of course not all nuvi models have all of these files. The 3597 is probably one if the models with the highest byte count on a map update.

    At one time I was keeping track of the size increase from map version to map version, but lost interest in that project. So I haven't done it recently, but as I remember, the typical increase between versions varied from about 75 MB to over 400 MB
  • Just downloaded it to my DriveLuxe 50. No issues here.

    However, when I do the turn-by-turn previews, I noticed that the Junction Views were gone. Is it a glitch, or a permanent feature?

    Also, this may be the first time I have seen a map update in advance of a road this case, Interstate 265 in Louisville which, despite the fact the bridge has been built and the road all but finished, has yet to open.
  • sussamb 936 Points
    You may want to ensure you do a complete shut down of your device, if its just in sleep mode it may not pick up the new junction view file. Also see the list above and check you have the new file installed.
  • sussamb said:

    You may want to ensure you do a complete shut down of your device, if its just in sleep mode it may not pick up the new junction view file. Also see the list above and check you have the new file installed.

    I did that, and then went and reinstalled the map file. All is well now. Thank you. :)
  • macotex 87 Points
    Installed NA 2017.30 to my computer and my Nuvi 3597 without issue. The 3597 is 99% full, with 56.32 MB free, and has software v 5.40.0 installed. The download and installation took slightly less than one hour using Garmin Express v., although I noticed that GE v. is now available.
  • Boyd 2027 Points
    You may be headed for trouble with so little free space. The device writes data to internal memory (track logs for example). When you run out of space, some things may stop working correctly. Make sure you have a full backup...
  • sussamb 936 Points
    One simple way of freeing up space is to install a card and move the junction view file there, that is generally around 0.5Gb.
  • Usual test route to another city is different out of the city, not a route I'd take. Five miles and about five minutes longer.
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