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eTrex20 vs eTrex30 and MAPS

I'm thinking about buying either an eTrex 20x or a 30x. I had a Vista CX.
Any thoughts on these two?

Also, I already own the "Topo US 24K Southwest" digital topographic & street maps - which I used with my old eTrex Vista CX.
Does this program work with the 2 units I'm deciding between?
The software is expensive, and I'd hate to have to buy new software.



  • Boyd 1954 Points
    edited October 2016
    I used to have a Legend C, a little older version of your Vista CX. If you like that size/style device then you would probably be happy with the new eTrex. Personally I prefer a higher resolution touchscreen and a larger unit. But that's all very personal.

    As for the maps…. it depends. Did you purchase the 24k topo on DVD and is it installed on your computer? If so, then it should work on any Garmin device. Those maps were not locked and don't have any copy protection. Garmin has since discontinued them and does not sell any maps on DVD now.

    If you purchased the map on a pre-loaded SD card, then that should also work in any Garmin GPS although you must use the original card it was supplied on. It has copy protection that will prevent it from working on another card or in internal memory.

    But if you purchased the 24k map as a download, then it will only work on the GPS that was used when you made the purchase. These maps can be copied to any SD card or to internal memory, but they will only work on the original GPS.
  • I do have the maps on DVD - glad to hear it will still work!!! That stuff is expensive.
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