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Rest Area Display

I've read a lot of questions and answers on this topic but no answer to my specific question. I have a Garmin 2699 which can show me what rest areas are nearest to me under the Category screen. I would like to have the rest area icon appear directly on the map similar to the gas stations and restaurants. I can't find a way to do it. I know I can use the services of POI factory but if this information is already stored on the 2699 I would rather use it. Thanks.


  • t923347 424 Points
    Not sure of a way to show the Rest Area icons on the map screen but you could have ready access to them if your 2699 supports the Up Ahead feature.

    Here are some procedures for setting up the Up Ahead feature on the map screen and customizing it to display Rest Areas, as one of the three items that can be displayed:

    "You should find Up_Ahead from the Map screen. Go to the Map Screen and look for a 3 Bar icon in the bottom right had corner. Tap that icon. In the menu that will appear Up Ahead will be one of the options you can select by tapping the icon.

    This will open a 3 item icon list on the right hand side of the map screen. By default it will show Fuel, Rest Area and Food locations near/up ahead of you.

    Note you need to have a destination inputted into your Nuvi for this to work. With a route inputted, tap any of the 3 icons which will open a search screen with the corresponding results depending on the icon chosen ( fuel will list gas stations along your route, etc.). To change the default icon to something else, tap the wrench icon in the upper left corner of the search results screen. Then tap any of the displayed items on the Customize Up Ahead screen that will appear. Now the Select Option to Display screen will appear and you can select any of the items listed or create a "custom search" item."

    Hopefully this will get you closer to the display settings you want.
  • Rest areas show on my GPS with a fuel bowser and I find it totally confusing even got caught going on to get fuel and had to double back to a service station. I would like the option of switching off all the internal POIs and only display my custom POIs.
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