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Waypoint format difference between Meridian and Triton 2000

Hello, I am in need of some insight on transferring waypoint coordinates from my Meridian to my Triton 2000. The waypoints in the Meridian are for example: 36 ° 41.076N , 097° 21.261W. (which format is this?) The coordinates in the Triton are listed as 30.48315° N, 97.85096° W (which format is this?) I tried entering the values as they were from the Meridian into the Triton, but the position was way off. How do I get the formats to match? Hopefully someone will be kind enough to explain.


  • Boyd 2043 Points
    edited October 2016
    Your first example shows degrees and decimal minutes (each degree is divided into 60 minutes). This is usually referred to as hdddºmm.mmm'

    The second example shows decimal degrees, usually called hddd.dddddº

    There should be a menu setting on the Triton that allows you to change to the same format as the Meridian if you like. However there is no "conversion" needed for the actual data, what you see are simply two different ways of displaying the same thing.

    There are plenty of programs to convert between these systems if you feel the need, a google search for "coordinatine format" will find them. I had a Meridian Gold back in the 90's - it was my first GPS! Also still have a Triton 1500 but haven't used it for years, never really liked it much, especially the stiff pushbuttons. But it's not a bad device, it has the SiRFStar chipset that many people felt was the best on the market for many years.
  • Thanks for the explaination. I will check the menu on the Triton and change it to degrees and decimal minutes. I am not too fund of the stiff buttons either but I will be using it primarily to mark fishing spots.
  • Thanks again. I changed the format to match the Meridian and the coordinates I entered are showing up correctly.
  • I have another qustion about the SD card. I installed a 2G SD Card, but it is not showing up in the total memory. Is this correct? Also can the waypoints be saved to the sd card instead of to the internal memory?
  • I do not know about Triton, but at eXplorist 610 a SD card need to be "enabled" in settings menu. You can also try to format your SD card inserted in Triton. In the main menu select View - Settings - Format SD card. (if there are no important data on SD card, of cource)
  • I got it figured out. On the memory screen there is a separate icon at the top of the screen for the internal memory and the SD card.

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