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Routing error

Today I traveled from Sequim WA to Bothell WA and was routed using the Edmonds-Kingston ferry which is the shortest route. All went well because the directions provided were correct. When I tried to return home, and it was dark and raining, the Garmin GPS insisted on routing me south to Seattle for a different ferry which is a much longer route. Even after I had traveled to Edmonds the GPS gave me directions to the Seattle ferry. It was not until I got to the ferry holding area did the GPS finally give me a routing across the Edmonds-Kingston ferry. I could have done better without the GPS. Anybody got any suggestions as to what caused this problem?


  • Boyd 1960 Points
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  • t923347 424 Points
    Did you try changing the settings from shortest distance to faster time or vice versa to see if that made a difference. Depending on where you started the return journey from it may have been either shorter or faster to take the Seattle ferry (depending on your settings) than it was coming in the other direction. This often happens as the GPS may prefer right turns to left turns for example, making the route in one direction different than it was in the other. Also depending on time of day, for example, you may find that combined with the "avoid traffic" avoidance set on you'll get a completely different return route than you did on the original journey.
  • Bob29 0 Points
    Thanks for the reply. It is set to shortest distance. I had no time to start experimenting with various settings.
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