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Unable to load and use own geographic data on Garmin NUVI 60LMT

Hi All,

I writing to find out from you if anyone has experience with loading geographic data (points and tracks) on GARMIN NUVI GPS devices.
Recently purchased 8 GPS Units (Model: Garmin DriveSmart 60LMT) to use for patrols in remote areas. Unfortunately the base map (CN North America) provided by the vendor is not detailed with sufficient data on roads and villages in Liberia (Africa).
After a couple of tries, I have not been successful. Have been trying to install the data as .gpx files. Interesting enough, the gpx files appear to be loaded on the device when viewing through Windows Explorer but are not viewable through the device itself. Probably am missing on something.

Thanks, Steve


  • sussamb 787 Points
    Sorry but it's difficult to help without knowing what it is you're trying to load and how you're doing it. If the data is simply waypoints then provided you install the gpx files into the GPX folder on the device all should be well, but if that's not the case exactly what are you trying to do and how?
  • Boyd 1960 Points
    Tracks cannot be loaded on any of Garmin's Nuvi automotive devices. Have never used the new DriveSmart models, but I would be very surprised if they were different. For some marketing reason, Garmin does not allow you to load tracks on their automotive devices. There can be no technical reason for this, it would ve trivial to add that feature to the software. Evidently they want to force you to purchase one of their outdoor devices to use tracks.

    Maybe another DriveSmart owner can confirm that it's not possible to load tracks however. I think you're out of luck if that's an important feature for you, sorry.
  • Thanks. Well, am trying to load roads(as tracks) and settlement areas (towns and villages as waypoints). The data is originally created in ArcGIS as shp file and I converted it to gpx using ExpertGPS software. Then I loaded it into the device using Garmin BaseCamp successfully without any errors popping up. On Garmin BaseCamp it shows that the data is loaded on the device yet when I turn on the device and get out to use it, the loaded data cannot be viewed but can confirm also that the data is indeed loaded in GPX folder when viewing the device files through Windows Explorer.
  • Boyd 1960 Points
    edited October 2016
    Yes, you can SEND that kind of data to a Garmin automotive device, but it just ignores it. If you send it to a Garmin handheld (also their Zumo motorcycle units) then it will be recognized and usable.

    For your purposes, it would be better to make a map however. Garmin format maps can be created with no background, and the objects on the map will overlay the standard City Navigator maps. Map creation can be a complex project, however there are two programs that are designed to do exactly what you want, and they are pretty easy to use. Have never tried either of these, I use more powerful and complicated software myself, but I've seen good user feedback on these.

    Now there's another caveat however. The last time I tried to use a transparent overlay map on a Garmin automotive device, I couldn't get it to work either. I know they worked on older models, but Garmin sometimes changes things. I didn't spend any time troubleshooting since it wasn't really important, maybe it was my error.

    Let us know if this works for you.
  • Thanks Boyd for the information. A quick look at the links you provided, it seems such an intensive task indeed. Will give it a try and provide feedback.
  • Boyd 1960 Points
    Haha, the links I sent are actually the SIMPLE way to make a map. :D
  • sussamb 787 Points
    And while it may appear complicated it's actually quite simple once you get into it.
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