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GPSMap 64S

Hi all,

New to the Garmin, previous Delorme PN-40 user, banging my head against the wall.

Trying to capture points in a file like setting and having a difficult time in doing so. Delorme you would just set up a new file name on the unit prior to beginning your day. I have tried resetting a track and naming a new track...which just gave me 20 seconds of a track.

What my objective is, I want go out in the morning to one of my locations, name a file or track a specific name, and then collect my tracks and data points for that day specific to that location. I may even change locations during the day and will want to start a new "file". I want to be able to come home and download each location as a separate location instead of a track the covers a day or two. I will have repetitive names and so far Garmin just adds a "1" to them, that is not acceptable for my purpose.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.



  • sussamb 780 Points
    With Garmin devices you name the track after the event, not before. Your current track is called exactly that, current track. When you need to simply do a save current track and can name it what you want. Having done that you'll be asked if you want to clear the track data, do so and then your current track will start again.

    As for naming specific locations, you can name them what you like.
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