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I am entering a valid UK post code but the 57lm directs me to another location. I think because it realises I cannot park at the original postcode (yellow lines etc) is there anyway to disable this safety feature?


  • Boyd 1954 Points
    I never saw a Nuvi refuse to direct me somewhere due to lack of parking, as long as it was a street that I could actually drive on. Sounds like it could just be a map error, but I am not familar with UK Post Codes since I'm in the US. :)
  • privet01 195 Points
    How far away? And, is the different location both on the map and where it navigates you to?
  • sussamb 780 Points
    Can you give an example? Postcodes cover an area, not just one location.
  • Hi

    I need to go to 33 CORONA AVENUE, HOLLINS, OLDHAM, UNITED KINGDOM OL8 4JA but the NUVI directs me to MENDIP ROAD OL8 4JG

    I know this could be where the tweo roads intersect but I want directions directly to OL8 4JA not an alternative


  • sussamb 780 Points
    Have you actually entered that address then? It works for me. Or are you simply relying on the postcode, which is often a general area and not a specific address?
  • Did the postcode bring up Corona Avenue?

    I have 100 addresses to visit each day. I use Microsoft Autoroute to optimize my stops by Postcode (without the house number). When I set off I enter the next postcode including the number into the Nuvi if I do not get the exact postcode I have to check in google to ensure the directions are suitable.

    Bit of a pain

  • sussamb 780 Points
    No it didn't, but I'm afraid you don't understand postcodes, they are not exact ... you need the address also. Note that a number and postcode may throw up two addresses, which I guess is the issue you're having, but it's a postcode issue, not a Garmin one.
  • ok thanks
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