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GPSmap 60CSx Track Log Not Showing on Screen

Hi. I have had this unit for over 5 years and within the past 6 months the GPS just stopped showing me the track on the map screen. The track log shows that space is being filled, but nothing is on the screen. If I download a track from the past onto the GPS it will display it on the screen, but does not show the current track log on the screen. Any ideas or suggestions on how to resolve this?



  • sussamb 780 Points
    Have you checked the track settings? They need to be set to show current track.

    Often after a software update it reverts to Do not show.
  • MikeC 0 Points
    My track log is on, under the sub menu for set up I have record method selected as time and a time set and then a color selected. There is no option (or at least that I can find) that says "show current track".
  • Boyd 1955 Points
    Are you sure it is really recording? I would connect to the computer and download the track in Mapsource or Basecamp to examine it.
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