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New satnav wanted, Downloaded POIs important

My old TomTom XXL needs replacing. These days, I find, there is not a TomTom that will do the job any more so maybe Garmin can come to the rescue. What I want is a fairly simple satnav with a large screen, 6 or 7 inches, with western Europe maps with lifetime updates and one that is quick and can accept downloaded POIs with their attendant symbol bitmaps and it must display POI pop ups while in drive mode.

Get the picture:-
We are driving through Germany and my wife, who is watching the TomTomXXL says "there is a Netto coming up and we need some milk and bread and there is a Stellplatz not much further on and a little off to my side, do we want it?" I say "what kind of stellplatz" and she, looking at the symbol says "it is a services only" whereupon I say "excellent we'll go there right after Netto." and we do.
This kind of scenario happens daily at least, when we are on the road.

It must also be programmable with addresses including "town centre" and post codes. With global co-ordinates in a degrees and decimal degrees format and the ability to report ones location in that format.

The display should give the speed and speed limit in a clear and unambiguous format. It should display lane information but all in a 2D format. Ideally it should give the distance to a POI on the road rather than in a straight line but should show the direction of that POI in a straight line.

Cost is not so important as functionality. Has anyone got any good news for me?

Yours Harry


  • sussamb 780 Points
    Well it's good and bad as far as most modern Garmins go.

    You can program in towns, postcodes etc. Various ways of giving location, including decimal degrees. Speed, speed limit, lane info all are there.

    It'll give road distance to a POI provided you select it as a destination, otherwise it's straight line distance.

    How POIs are displayed though is a moving goalpost that Garmin appear to change from year to year, but I think it's fair to say that most recent ones won't display POIs as 'pop ups' if by that you mean they appear as you're driving. Garmin does though have an 'up ahead' feature which allows you to select three categories of POIs, and it will then show the next one in each of those categories. Mine for example is set to fuel stops, rest places and ATMs.
  • harryr 10 Points
    Yes that is what I meant by pop ups. It does not, however, look promising. There are lots of people producing these databases but they are becoming less useful as manufacturers down grade their instruments. Oh well I shall just have to hope my TT lasts a year or two longer. Thanks
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