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NUVI297LMT fastest route incorrect

I posted this incorrectly, so herewith again.
My device is set for the fastest route and yet, when I want to go from Dartford Tunnel (UK) as an example to TN12 0DE, it takes me around the most convoluted route and high density towns, whereas if I went down the M25 and M20 there would be no problem and the distance is within a mile of each route.
I checked this via Google maps and it gave me both routes, the fastest being via M25/M20.

I have had this device for 3 years and was very pleased with it. However, since going to France in June I have lost faith in it
and have to double check everything. I am on the latest update which is 5.40.

Any ideas?


  • sussamb 792 Points
    You haven't inadvertently set it to avoid Motorways have you?
  • Boyd 1966 Points
    Unless @sussamb is correct, before doing anything else, I suggest that you try a hard reset. It often cures odd problems like this. Note that you will want to backup any favourites (saved places) before doing the reset. The reset will also clear your search history and set all menu options back to their defaults.

    Instructions here:
  • Yes no avoidance input, also did a hard reset and edited Eco for town 15mpg and highway 50mpg.
    Still no luck, but thanks for response.
  • Its probably an issue with the latest map. When was the last time that you updated the map and did you have this issue before?

    Also try unchecking the traffic data in the settings.

    Doesnt the Nuvi also 'learns' your way of driving and based on its internal speed road determines that you would drive faster with a different route?
  • But i think Garmin algorithm to calculate roads is more than likely flawed. I have two examples that I cant explain the logic behind the calculation

    There two places where there is a dirt road that runs kinda paralel to the main road and everytime I program a route that goes thru that area the GPS will route thru the dirt road even though its faster thru the main road.
  • sussamb 792 Points
    edited November 2016
    That sounds like a map error to me. Have you reported that dirt road to Garmin?

    @ParGolfer Exactly what route do you get? Checked on my 2508 and it looks reasonable?
  • Thanks for all your replies, here are some of the answers to questions.
    Updated software and maps 4 days ago to 5.40.
    The NUVI does not learn, it remembers your route if you have gone over it before.
    Traffic settings I can only input highway and town which I have done ie 50 and 15. I'll try unchecking.
    Up until June we had no problem, now I distrust it and check with the map, it's a pain when you are towing.

    I'm waiting for reply from Garmin, but will not hold my breath.

    It's a shame it is playing up, because previously I had a TomTom which was basic, when we went onto Garmin
    it was perfect, now it's not. Hired a car two days ago and it had inbuilt satnav, it chose the correct route.

    Route as an example is Dartford Tunnel (UK) to TN12 0DE test via Google and it gives 2 routes one over the
    north via Maidstone and one M25 and M20. Distance wise nothing in it, but via Maidstone is is very slow due to twists and turns plus traffic. Garmin only gives the route over the north.

  • sussamb 792 Points
    edited November 2016
    Just tried this on my 2508 with latest map, fastest route takes me along A2/M2 then across to TN12 0DE. Seems sensible enough, although not the M25/M20 you'd prefer. Knowing the area I'd be happy with either.

    Do you have traffic trends enabled? That can sometimes lead to quirky routes. I turn mine off.
  • Thanks, but that route via A2/M2 you end up in Maidstone which is not a very good idea.
  • sussamb 792 Points
    edited November 2016
    Well it bypasses Maidstone ... it doesn't go through it ... and going down the M20 you'd need to do that also, unless you go on further and then cut along minor roads.

    It's also one of the routes Google maps recommends, as well as your preferred route.
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