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Driveassist 50 LMT-D



  • I can update my GPS software itself using express; I am trying to add the optional English Language install and it quits before completion. On the mac, it gives no reason. On windows, it says there's not enough room - which can't be, there are several gig of space available on the unit (and hundreds free on the computer) while the install itself is 300 Mb.

    The fact the the issue seems to follow me between OSs indicates to me it's either express itself or the way express interacts with the driveassist.
  • Ramaprem 110 Points
    You say "English Language install".
    Do you mean optional (American English) voices?
  • yes, but it's not listed (for me) as voices - or American English. It is listed under optional install as "english"
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    edited November 2016
    There seems to be a difference between how Express is expressing itself with your (newish, yes?) device and the way it communicates with older devices.
    And so, perhaps, Express isn't playing nicely with your device. Which is what you've been posting.

    But the various "languages" come pre-installed on all devices.
  • not american english in europe (at least not on my driveassist - though perhaps it should have)
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    So now we are talking about languages - and not voices. We're clear on that. Two different animals.

    I have to check: I don't think that there is an American language for any device. The English is "International English"; not American nor British nor Australian nor...
  • One of my original concerns (listed above) is that my device didn't have an american english voice.

    I was advised on this forum that downloading the optional install for english (under languages) would add (among other things) american english voices to my list of voice choices.

    I haven't been able to do that through express, it keeps quitting.
  • Ramaprem 110 Points
    Express for Mac has been updated today to v4.5.0.0
  • Ramaprem 110 Points
    Any feedback?

    Garmin, by the way, has just released an updated (American) Jack TTS3 voice.
  • I have returned the DriveAssist and purchased a DriveSmart instead. Also no AM English voices preinstalled and the optional install for english in express is still crashing before completion.

    The AM Eng voices I got (see above in this thread) are working and I'd love to try the new Jack voice, though at the moment I have no access to it - in Express, the "Store" is completely empty.

    So far, the DriveSmart seems OK, though I am not sure if the Camera alerts are working properly.
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    I would trash Express and re-install it.
    Under MacOS, use AppCleaner (or other) to trash every component of the app.
  • I trashed and reinstalled Express and chose US as my location, even though I live in Germany. One of the updates offered when I opened express was Samantha TTS3, but there are still no voices (or anything else) available in the store. This is the case no matter what location I choose (tried many) including "digital". I was finally able to download the optional English update in express, but this only gave me Australian and Indian English.

    But at least I got Samantha. Thanks.
  • Ramaprem 110 Points
    "But at least I got Samantha."
    I had one in college.

    I've been having a mess - again - with updating my EU map. After pulling out significant amounts of hair, I finally called Garmin. They did a "TeamViewer" session with me. That is a session in which a Garmin techie controls your computer, and does things... that resolves the issue!

    I never - in my wildest imagination - thought that they could/would be so useful and helpful. I called; the support guy suggested a TeamViewer session; it was arranged in five minutes. We were connected online in another two minutes.

    If you wish to avail yourself of this level of support, call:
    089 858364880.

    Good luck.
  • LOL.

    I've called there a few times - they were always friendly but not so helpful. I tried a different support reps on different days and got the feeling that each one had a different answer. I guess it's a little bit luck o' the draw. Glad they helped you though.

    BTW, I traded in my DriveAssist for a DriveSmart. The DashCam wasn't really doing it for me.
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