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Address data lost

Hi have a GN 760 sat nav . I recently did an update and then when I used the sat nav again and went to put a post code in for a journey and it came up with no data available? This is the first I can't put in any addresses?


  • Boyd 1974 Points
    edited November 2016
    What is a "GN 760"? Nuvi 760?

    Did you update the map, or just the software? You would need to have a lifetime map subscription to update the maps.

    Several things could cause this. A corrupt or missing map is one possibility. Before doing anything else, I'd suggest trying a hard reset. That frequently fixes odd provlems like this.

    Note that this will set all your menus back to the defaults and will erase any favorites that you may have saved, so be sure to back them up first.
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