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Bought a refurbished 5320-LM Magellan GPS. Please help me ...

Before I bought this GPS I read very good reports about it from owners. They really liked it and said it worked very well. I only paid $53.00 for it counting shipping. I was going to spend hundreds of dollars buying what I thought I wanted. The battery life on this unit is only about one hour. To fix this problem I thought I could buy replacement batteries and just put new batteries in it so it would run longer without charging it. The problem is the unit has to be plugged into a computer to charge. Both my wife and I drive Pontiac Vibes and we love them. The Vibes have a two prong plug to plug into for 12 volt charging. I have three different two prong 12 volt chargers for cell phones and computer but none of these will work with the 5320-LM Magellan. I have long drive to visit a computer repair shop to see if they can make me a two prong charger cord to use with my Magellan 5320-LM. Do any of you have a easier better solution? Thanks so much for your help. Have safe travels.


  • privet01 231 Points
    edited December 2016
    GPS devices intended for use in a vehicle, whether it's land, sea or sky generally intend that you plug them into or wire them into the vehicles power. Therefore they generally have a small battery relative to the power consumption of the device.

    Adding a few auxiliary power points to the vehicle that match the plug for the device is what I would do. They don't have to be mounted if you don't want to put holes in the trim or dash. They can just be on a length of cable that lays under your seats or in your glove box or tucked under the dash. Any place that does auto repair, radio sales and install, auto body repair, or even a friend with good DIY and electrical skills can add one for you. The part is cheap, the labor and assumption of liability not so cheap.

    Another option is to get a unit that is intended for hiking or other handheld use and put navigable road maps on them. These unit tend to have 11 plus hours of battery. The downside is that the both the device and the cost of maps will probably be prohibitive if you are only looking for a gps to use for driving directions. As well, the devices loose some of the features that make an automobile gps attractive and useful to some.
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