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Identifying open source maps?

Over the past 4 years I have downloaded several open source maps of parts of European countries and due to circumstances they were put on 3 different micro SD cards. They carry the file titles of "OSM generic routable" with a number following the name. I am getting totally confused now because at the time of downloading them I didn't retitle them. A stupid mistake, but is there any way that I can find out just which is which please?

When I try to open them directly from 'Finder' on my MacBook Pro running El Capitan it asks to instal it using MapManager? Where does it instal it?

Now, when we go on walks I am almost at a loss as to which card to use and which maps to enable and forward planning is almost impossible, for me anyway? I am starting to think that the only way forward is to start again and download the maps again? Doing that would it be OK to rename them as I download them or do they have to keep the same file names?


  • sussamb 792 Points
    edited December 2016
    Not sure but JaVaWa's Device manager may help you depending on exactly what info you're after
  • Ramaprem 111 Points
    Start over, and re-name the maps - to whatever makes sense for you. The file-name is irrelevant.
    This is what I do. Every OSM that I have has been re-named by me.
  • Jonzjob 81 Points
    Is it possible to open the maps without using Garmin Base Camp, i.e. directly from Finder on my Mac? That way I would be able to open the individual maps and identify them correctly.

    They are not individually identified by Base Camp.
  • sussamb 792 Points
    Depends what you mean by 'BaseCamp won't individually identify them'. Aren't you able to select them in the Map drop down menu? Also JaVaWa Device Manager I linked to above will identify them all for you.
  • Boyd 1969 Points
    Jonzjob said:

    Is it possible to open the maps without using Garmin Base Camp, i.e. directly from Finder on my Mac?

    No, the only way to open Garmin format maps on the Mac is Basecamp. It sounds like the problem is that all your maps have the same internal ID number (FID) and therefore they are grouped together. As has already been mentioned, JaVaWa should allow you to uniquely label them. It does not run on MacOS Sierra however, you need to use El Capitan or earlier.
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