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Magellan RV9365

I have a new RV9365 GPS (actually the third one with the same problem), and the TRAFFIC Function does not work!
I also have a RV9165 that I set up side by side with the 9365 to check it! The 9165 has traffic, the 9365 does not!
Have been in contact with magellan support for three weeks with no remedy!
The Green traffic icon in the lower left has a red X that never goes away!
When you open the traffic section and tap the gps icon in upper right, the radio frequency says 0.0 and the Traffic Strength says NO TMC!
Magellan says this is an "Isolated Case" and has been forwarded to their engineering dept. I don't understand how it can be an isolated case when three new GPS units have the same problem.
Has anyone else bought this GPS and if so, have you had the same problem?
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