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Montana 680T

680T has arrived miraculously quickly, two days from Germany to UK! Bit like an old friend coming home after the 276CX

Have spent some time setting the beast up as my old 650T and took a backup. Tried to put in my 'Home' waypoint and the thing rebooted and reset to factory defaults!

Don't know why. To potentially save time and for my future reference:

Can I just copy my backup over the existing files? or (if I could) would I need to get into image territory as I would restoring Windoze 10 boot partition please?


  • sussamb 655 Points
    Basically yes ;)
  • Chris_Sav 58 Points
    edited December 2016
    Thanks, assuming you mean straight copy. Don't quite know what happened but most of what I had added (menu items, routing profile set-ups etc.) had gone, but not everything, will manually set-up and back-up afresh this time in case the problem was carried to the backup.

    680T seems so much more familiar and easy to hold and manipulate in portrait mode than the 276CX, wish I could warrant the topo pro maps to go with it but not at £350! .
  • sussamb 655 Points
    Yes a straight copy. Note though that most of your profile information is in the Profiles folder. I just keep a back up of that, plus of course all the maps and BirdsEye I have loaded.
  • Chris_Sav 58 Points
    edited December 2016
    Thanks ,

    On the surface, as expected, the 680T is almost identical to the 650T.

    A lot more satellites available with the Glonass system.

    Battery claims were met on the 276CX which was excellent but I suspect am back to four hours with the display permanently on using the 680T.

    680T still feels so much more comfortable to hold, it's just not natural to hold a large device in landscape mode as was the 276CX, your elbow is forced out at a most unnatural angle.

    Will see how it performs later today.

    Note to self (and moderators), should really have put this in the GPS forum, perhaps mods would like to tidy up?
  • Boyd 1749 Points
    I moved the thread to the handheld forum.

    While it should work to just copy your backup to the unit again, personally I would only do that in the event of some kind of major corruption. You know, it's sort of like doing a brain transplant to cure a headache. :)

    Glad you have another Montana, too bad that the 276cx didn't work out… but at least you saved some money. All the best for the new year!
  • And the best to you as well!

    £300 back in the pocket is certainly preferable to a GPS that I felt let me down badly!
  • Chris_Sav 58 Points
    edited May 30
    Used the 680T extensively for the first time on a week long rally last week.

    I seemed to have more difficulty in reading the screen in bright sunlight than I remember with the 650T, but the navigation went well.

    Only disappointment was battery life of only three hours (184 mins) on the internal battery whether on Glonass or not, possibly due to having to use the screen on full brightness which I don't think I had to do on the 650T

    Cannot think of any reason for the screen readability difference, apart from using different OSM maps to the TalkyToaster maps I have used previously. These route better but have less shading.

  • Boyd 1749 Points
    I have seen this complaint about the 680 screen before, which is kind of sad since Garmin claimed they "improved" the screen on the new Montana. ;)
  • Chris_Sav 58 Points

    Seems to agree with your comment, had not seen it, but thanks. Off again this weekend so may try taking the screen protector off, rather than have to fiddle with the angle of the mount depending on sun direction.
  • truckinguy 109 Points
    I have no issues using the screen on my 680. I hike all day every weekend for 8 hrs a time in the woods and mountains. Cloudy days and sunny days..I also come back with 3/4 batteries. I set the display to 15 seconds.. do to the 680 screen being able to see in day light I turn the display down to near zero. Lock the screen. I leave it running all day in a pouch on my chest strap. Ive used alot of Garmin hand helds and this 680 is the best so far. I always have glonass and waas on for perfect tracking and data. If you want some recorded tracks to prove it send me your email and I'll send you a ton of them. Wife use's her Oregon 700 as well. Both are units are very very close with data records etc at the end of the day. I hope they make a Montana like the 700 series soon.
  • Chris_Sav 58 Points
    edited July 3
    Been having an issue recently where the 680T refused to go into USB mode if my generic OSM map was enabled.

    Latest software update today professes to fix a potential display problem and now the 680T goes into USB mode with the OSM map enabled. Guess that may be related :)

    Just wish they would fix my USB disconnect problem on USB 3.1
  • truckinguy 109 Points
    Did 4 long hikes this past long weekend... all day long types..many miles.. used Garmins OEM battery. Never got close to running out. Left it on all day. Turned screen down and locked screen in between looking at it. Bright as heck in the sun.. amazing unit with glonass. Just tucked it in my pocket. Perfect track with forest and gorge hiking..lot's of tree cover.
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