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Express 5.1 -- No custom vehicles or voices??

I just got a new Drive 60LM to replace our previous one which unfortunately was lost (long story). When I connected it to my PC, there seemed to be a problem with the map update, which I eventually resolved by updating Garmin Express from to the latest download, This fixed the map update issue and all is working well.

HOWEVER, Express now informs me that it can "no longer be used" for custom vehicle and voice updates (even though it presents a large button with that label). On our past two (U.S.) Garmins, we have really enjoyed loading Karen's Australian voice instead of the built--in American ones.

How can I get Karen (Real Directions version) downloaded onto our device? This makes me regret the loss of our previous 60LM even more!


  • alanb 419 Points
    You can get all available English language voices in Express by going to Tools and Content > Optional Updates > Language Files > English
  • rochrunner 88 Points
    edited January 2017
    Thanks -- you're really quick to respond. I found this right after I posted above and just came back to say "never mind!" I remember going thru this with my original 60LM but couldn't remember the solution with the older Express. :-)
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