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Route Planning

I can create Route Plans on Basecamp and then transfer to my Device in the Basecamp Navigation bar. However even though it appears to have been transferred, I can not find it on my device Favourites or anywhere else. I'm assuming my Nuvi 660 is possibly not compatible as possibly too old? Can anyone confirm this or suggest where on my Device the Route Plans I created are hiding? Thanks


  • Boyd 1985 Points
    On an old device like the Nuvi 660, I think you actually have to "import" the route to use it. It's been forever since I had a Nuvi 650…. look for an options such as "import route from file".
  • Aggers 0 Points
    Thanks for the response. Only way I can get the Route to the Device Internal Storage in the Basecamp Navigation Panel is to select the Route File created in Basecamp and then Send to Device. The route appears in the Internal Storage of the Device in BaseCamp. When I look for it in the Nuvi 660 it does not appear anywhere. (All my Waypoints created are accessible).
  • alanb 539 Points
    edited January 2017
    I may be wrong, but I didn't think the old nuvi 660 had the multi point or saved route feature (known as Custom Routes on the menu). I thought that was introduced with the 7x0 series.
  • privet01 221 Points
    If it is like my nuvi 205w it probably doesn't save or allow imported routes. It only knows how to deal with destinations.
  • Aggers 0 Points
    Thanks for the feedback all, I suspect it is due to the 660 being an older version, time for an upgrade I think!
  • Boyd 1985 Points
    Ah, you could be right Alan, was trying to remember. The 700 series might have been the first to have routes. I remember my 650 didn't save tracks either, that definitely came along with the 700 series. :)
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