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Will an Itinerary always start at the first Waypoint?

We will be setting off for a Route 66 road trip soon and I have prepared an Itinerary for each day. Itr is very detailed to keep us on the original Route 66 as much as possible. However, we will want to make side trips, off the itinerary, and may well be the equivalent of more than a few waypoints into the journey if we had stayed on the planned route. If I select the itinerary when we have finished the side trip, will it try to takes us back to the start of the itinerary, or route us to the nearest waypoint to start from? I can't test this as I am in the UK and our TomTom is loaded with US maps.


  • sussamb 956 Points
    edited January 2017
    Well it'll do the same as in UK. What does it normally do?
  • I can't test it in the UK as it only has US maps on it. Bought the TomTom in the States, when passing through an airport, specifically for this road trip.
  • sussamb 956 Points
    edited January 2017
    Ah sorry. Misunderstood what you meant. Perhaps if you say which model you have someone could help.
  • It is an XL 350 M which has now been hacked to reinstate the missing Itinerary feature.
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