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Questions about Drivesmart 50

Is it possible to prevent security messages to be displayed like Crossing of animals or Railway crossing
I did not find how ?


  • It's under "Maps and Vehicles" / down key / "Audible Driver Alerts" on my Drivelux
  • pasq 0 Points
    This is only to disable sounds, but for not displaying the message ?
  • Appreciate the thanks!

    That's all I did on mine, can't say I noticed them after that.
  • pasq 0 Points
    On mine, it still continue displaying these annoying messages
  • sussamb 742 Points
    AFAIK you can switch the sound off but not change the display. You could always stick some tape across the top if they annoy you that much ;)
  • pasq 0 Points
    would you know in which file they are stored and if there is a way to change them ?
    Are they stored as POI ?
  • sussamb 742 Points
    No, it's part of the map data, bit like Lane Assist.
  • pasq 0 Points
    edited January 2017
    Zut ! ;-(
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