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Drivesmart 60 & iPhone 7

Hi All,

Has anyone used a iPhone 7 with the Drivesmart 60 to receive text messages? I can get the drivesmart to receive the text messages from my iPhone 7. It connects and calls come thru but not text messages. I even sent one back for exchange and the new one doesn't work either. I've been in contact with support and they say it should work. I'm waiting for them to try one in their engineering but I thought I would ask here to see if anyone has some insight.



  • macotex 87 Points
    edited February 2017
    Hi Jeff,

    I've got the Drivesmart 60 and an iPhone 7 Plus, so I expect your combination will be no different. My text messages work fine and show up on the screen of the gps when received.

    You may want to check your phone to see if notifications are set correctly. Mine are set this way: Settings>Notifications>Messages: Allow notifications: ON
    Show in Notification Center: ON
    Sounds: Your choice
    Badge App Icon: ON
    Show on Lock Screen: ON
    See if this works for you. Be aware that every app you have set to show notifications will show up on the gps, so you may want to cull the list!

    Best regards,

    Marco C.
  • JeffB 0 Points
    Hi Marco,

    I have everything on just like you do but it doesn't work. I'm on version 10.2.1 which Is the current version. There has to be something else that is blocking them. Do you have iMessage on and SMS off?

  • Hi Jeff,

    Yes, I do have iMessage on and SMS off, but I doubt that is the problem. I'm also on version 10.2.1.

    Some years ago when BMW's and other cars began to be able to receive and display text messages there was great confusion for the correct settings necessary on the iPhone. The settings we both have are the correct settings, which I expect is what Garmin support told you.

    Long shot: Do you get notifications on the Drivesmart 60 from any other apps such as news, etc.? Do you even get iMessages on your phone from other people? If you don't try this:
    Setting>Messages>iMessage: ON.

    Have you tried shutting down your phone and then restarting?

    Hope that helps. I'm away from home, but this weekend I should be able to look at my Drivesmart and maybe come up with some more ideas.

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