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Which Garmin has following features

Hello folks,

I currently own Garmin 1390T. Recently, the screen is becoming non-responsive quite often. I calibrated the screen but it isn't much helpful. Sometimes putting an address is as good as torture. So before I throw that device out the window, I better get new one.

Looking for following features
- Capacitative touch screen, where you can zoom and pinch like a smartphone.
- Ability to plan your route. For e.g. map your route on the PC and load it on GPS, be it through Google maps or Garmin's own software (if any).
- Offers alternative route without any intervention (e.g. traffic delay is more than 15 minutes, offer an alternative route. Traffic delay is 10 min, stay on the route.)
- Will NOT put on the highway for short distances like a mile or two.
- If you are going to drive on the same road for 30 miles, just say drive on the road for 50 miles instead of breaking at every toll booth or every major exit. When I drive down Garden State Parkway to Princeton from Tappan Zee, it gives me at least 10-15 prompts on how to stay on Garden state and 10-15 different distances.
On the other hand, Google Navigation tells me, drive 50 miles on Garden state Parkway and keeps quite until I drive 40 miles, except sometimes bear left etc.
(I am not too sure if I am making sense here as I don't have a screenshot of the route.)
- An option of saving favorite route for certain address(es).

In the past, I was/am considering Garmin 2859 but wondering if there is any newer/better iteration of this device is in the market.

Thanks in advance.

(P.S. - I could use smartphone but I have very limited data on my plan and do not want to change the mobile plan, hence the new dedicated GPS device.)


  • alanb 347 Points
    edited January 31
    The routing and prompting on Garmin devices is what it is, so don't expect the new units to give you much more control of that than what you are used to with your 1390.

    The best deal for a Garmin automotive navigator with a capacitive touch screen is the refurbished nuvi 3597LMTHD for $179.95 ( And in my opinion the 3597 is the best navigator Garmin has made. Note that refurbished units are like new and have a full one year Garmin warranty.
  • teejay 86 Points
    edited January 31
    You mean to say, 3597 is even better than the 2017 crop of GPS?

    Plus, how many points of my wishlist does it have?
  • Boyd 1724 Points
    edited January 31
    - Capacitative touch screen,

    There are quite a few current models, as well as refurbs with this option. Use the compare feature on Garmin's site

    - Ability to plan your route.

    AFAIK, all current models have this feature. Again, use the compare feature and look for "trip planner". Garmin's free Basecamp program allows you to do route planning on your computer.

    - Offers alternative route without any intervention

    Not quite sure if I understand. Units with traffic receivers (or traffic via smartphone link) have a preference option that I think will do what you want.

    - Will NOT put on the highway for short distances like a mile or two

    This has been a problem for awhile - also telling you to exit the highway, then re-enter. I believe this is related to map problems. It has probably improved but I doubt it's completely fixed.

    - If you are going to drive on the same road for 30 miles, just say drive on the road for 50 miles

    Same thing, I think it has to do with the map data and it is still a problem.

    - An option of saving favorite route for certain address(es).

    Any unit with the trip planner can do this

    - I could use smartphone but I have very limited data on my plan

    You seem to have a misconception here. The good navigation apps install the full map on your phone, just like a dedicated device. I have been using the Garmin StreetPilot app on my iPhone (not available on Android) and it's virtually the same as the Nuvi. Garmin has intentionally crippled it however, so you cannot import/export any data such as routes or favorites. The most recent update seems to have introduced some new bugs. I would not especially recommend it anymore.

    I think the most promising app at this point is TomTom GO Mobile which runs on both iOS and Android. Here's the iOS version:

    It runs will full features in free trial mode, but you can only drive 50 miles per month. You download maps and permanently install on your phone, so no data is used while driving (except small amounts if you use traffic and searches). One nice thing is that you get maps of the whole world.

    They have a subscription model of $20/year (IIRC). You could go for a lot of years before equalling the cost of a new Garmin. Since it's free, see what you think...
  • alanb 347 Points
    Well, the 3597 is pretty much comparable to the DriveLuxe. There are a couple of new features on the DriveLuxe like FourSquare. But in typical Garmin fashion, they remove some features like 3D terrain. So it is a matter of opinion whether the features you gain outweigh the ones you give up. I personally would not trade my 3597 for a new DriveLuxe even if I could do it for free.

    The new devices have Trip Planner which gives the ability to plan and save multi-point routes and to import routes from a program like Garmin's Basecamp. It also has the capacitive touch screen as mentioned before. It does not import directly from Google maps although there are third party applications that enable this.

    For traffic alerts, you can either use the HD traffic receiver or the Smartphone Link Traffic (now free) and it can detour. It again is a matter of opinion whether the Traffic services are worthwhile or worthless. Many people think they are worthless.

    As to your other wishes, it will work about the same as your 1390. They have removed the "recalculating" prompt. It just recalculates silently and doesn't tell you. I personally wish they had left it in. It does have some improved prompting over old devices like your 1390. For example, it will say "Turn right at the stop light".

    There is a thread over on gpsPassion where the DriveLuxe verses the 3597 is discussed. You can find it if you search for "Garmin DriveLuxe - First impressions" and make your own conclusions.
  • teejay 86 Points
    Thank you, Boyd and alanb. That helps a lot.

    @Boyd, Thanks for heads up with TomTom app. In the past, I used Here and some other open source apps. They would take forever to locate in absence of data. Here wasn't particularly great for directions. So I left that thinking that improvement will take a lot of time. I will give a try to TomTomGo and see how it works.

    @alanb, Thanks for gpspassion thread idea. I will search and read up the discussion before making a decision.
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