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Garmin updates

This may be of interest to those of you who like the finer detail ... and came in response to a query on the Garmin forums to someone having an issue with the update process on their nuvi apparently not completing and them being offered the update every time they connected their device to Express. Garmin's response was:

It is possible that these updates are still zipped on your device. If you connect your nuvi 3760 to your computer and look in the folders on the device, you will probably see a couple zipped folders. I recommend deleting these zipped folders and try the updates again using Garmin Express.

Once the updates are downloaded, disconnect your device and then turn it on. After the device boots up, just leave the device sit for about 5 minutes. Some devices take time to unzip these update folders and if you change screens or start to use the device, it halts the process and the updates do not actually load.

After this has been done, delete the device from Garmin Express, reconnect it to your computer, then add it back. If the update is still offered, there may be some other issue. The device may need to be checked for errors.

Now this was news to me, as I hadn't appreciated updates came in zipped folders, so I questioned that and it seems it's been happening for a while and if everything goes to plan the zipped folders are deleted after the update process, which is why I've probably never seen any. This is what Garmin said:

Actually, the Language Text, Keyboards, and some other updates have been sent over via zipped folder for years. Typically, the folders unzip and install the update with no problems but some devices are slower to unzip the folders and sometimes if you just let the device sit after boot up for about 5 minutes, the updates install and the zipped folders delete themselves.

Just as an example, I just updated a Garmin DriveLuxe 50 for the Language Text and Keyboards, both went over as a zipped folder into the Garmin folder. After the update completed, the device deleted the zipped folders from the Garmin folder. Those updates are also no longer offered in Express.


  • alanb 418 Points
    edited February 2017
    I read that thread over on Garmin and it surprised me as well, especially since I almost always do an update with a clone, then copy the downloaded files over to the device for the install. I don't ever remember seeing anything that was obviously zipped. But then I don't know how Garmin names these zipped files, so maybe I wouldn't know if they were zipped or not. Also, I don't get many updates any more as the 3597 is my newest device. But I will pay more attention if I get any future updates.
  • alanb 418 Points
    Well, I'll be jiggered. I looked on my 3597 clone in the Garmin folder and there was a file in there named dated 12/20/2016. It is one I had obviously never copied over to my real device. Unzipping it with WinZip, it had a file named D166000.ver and a Text folder containing all the language .glx files that normally go in the Text folder of the nuvi. So I copied this over to my real 3597 and booted it up, waited a few minutes and then plugged it back into the computer. The zip file was gone and all the new .glx language files were in the Text folder. The interesting thing is that Garmin Express was not showing any pending updates for my 3597 although these had apparently been downloaded (to my clone) in December and never applied to the real nuvi.

    Learn something new every day!
  • t923347 408 Points
    Funny that's is exactly the same situation with my 3597 and it's clone, right down to the name of the zip file.
  • Ramaprem 110 Points

    Thanks so much for this info.
    The issue has been mine for quite some time. It looks like I might be able to deal with it - should it continue to arise. :)>-
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