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SD not recognized RV 660

I've tried a FAT32 formatted 16GB Samsung SD card and a FAT32 formatted 8GB SanDisk SD card. Neither seem to be recognized yet, the system directory gets written the first time the SD is installed. Garmin Express shows only the internal memory (which is full, incidentally). I need some help here.


  • sussamb 798 Points
    What makes you think it isn't recognised? If it's just that Express doesn't display it then that's how Express works. It'll use the installed card if it needs to though. If your internal memory really is full though you should free up some space by deleting any unnecessary files, or did you just mean there isn't much free space?
  • You're right, it just doesn't have much space left. In Express, the internal memory is displayed red. It's at 97% and has 200 MB free. As for deleting unnecessary files, how do I determine what is necessary? This is a new unit with only what was installed in it when it came except for map updates.

    I was looking at another post (somewhere on here) and is showed Express displaying both internal and external usage sliders. Are you saying Explorer with the RV 660 will not display external at all or will only display it when it has some usage?
  • sussamb 798 Points
    Express currently doesn't display the SD card, and I've never seen it displayed on any version. It's something that has been requested to Garmin but so far not implemented.

    As for freeing space see
  • Thanks for the link. The write-up is for a 1490T. Will that work as well for my RV 660LMT?
  • sussamb 798 Points
    As a guide yes, all Garmin on the road devices follow a similar format.
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