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Installing new NA maps -- frozen at "activating maps"

A couple hours ago I started updating my 3597 with the recently released 2018.something North America release. I've done this a couple times before with Garmin Express with no problems. However, for the last two hours the progress bar has been stopped about halfway across, at the step 3 of 3 "updating maps" point, showing 49 minutes left. The app still seems to be running; don't see the dreaded "not responding" in windows task manager, however, all progress seems to have halted.

Just wondering what my options are at this point. Can I just close Express and start over, or is there a risk that would leave my 3597 in some undefined state that would be difficult to recover from? Never had this happen before.


  • sussamb 947 Points
    Stopping and restarting shouldn't cause an issue, but it may be worth giving it a bit longer to complete first. If on restarting you get the same issue try going to C:\ProgramData\Garmin\CoreService\Downloads\Map and deleting the files there. It's possible that with the failed attempt a partial file is preventing a clean install. Once you've done so try again.
  • :\"> Well, I spoke a bit too soon. After over two hours without a minute of progress shown (stuck at 49 minutes remaining the entire time), I had to walk away and do some real-life chores. When I came back about a half-hour later, it appears that it had completed successfully. Apparently Garmin is no better at predicting time remaining than Microsoft ever was. :))
  • Ramaprem 112 Points
    I've had this happen repeatedly.
    However, I, the first two times, left it for as long as 15 hours - without further progress.

    It is not simply a matter of Garmin being bad at predicting time remaining. There's more involved.
    Count yourself lucky this time.
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