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How to install purchased City Navigator Europe Nordic NT on my PC (for Base Camp)

I have a NUVI 2597 LMT with City Navigator North America NT installed in the internal memory. I have an SD card on the same Nuvi with City Navigator Europe Nordic NT installed. Both maps work fine on the NUVI. BaseCamp shows two copies of the North America map (one on the NUVI and one "Installed" on my hard drive. I like to use the copy on the hard drive for tracks and routes, because it is faster, and then transfer items to the NUVI when I need to. Also, using the map this way I don't have to have the NUVI plugged into the PC when I use BaseCamp.

I would like to do the same thing with the Europe Nordic NT map; namely, install it on my hard drive so that Base Camp will show both copies, and then use the one on the hard drive -- so that I don't have to have my NUVI plugged in when I work with the maps.

I can find no option to install the Europe Nordic NT onto my hard drive. Can anyone give me a pointer or two? THANKS!


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