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Nuvi 2598 Address Search Keeps Asking For City

I have a nuvi 2598LMTHD and whenever I search for an address it keeps on asking me to enter the city or zip, despite the fact that the "Searching Near" window shows the current city. If I tap that window, the next screen show that the "Where I Am Now" is selected (meaning it will search near where I am). So everything looks correct.

If I search for gas stations or restaurants, it pulls up places near me without having to enter the city. Yet when I hit search by address it pops up the "Select City or Postal Code".

I done a reset by holding down the power button for 10 seconds. No effect. All maps and firmware are up-to-date (according to Garmin Express).

nuvi says its software versions are:
Software 5.40
GPS Firmware 3.05.10

Help would be appreciated, as it it's really annoying and time consuming to have to go through an extra couple of screens to enter the same info every time.


  • sussamb 829 Points
    I'm confused. If you want an address you simply do a Where to, Address. There's no 'searching' to be done? Or am I missing something?
  • Searching is the wrong term. I do a Where to, then select address, and then it always asks me for the city.
  • t923347 532 Points
    If your searching for a street address, how does the Nuvi know in what area you want it to search in unless you tell it? Just because you are searching from a specific place (your current location) doesn't mean that you want to search for an address in that same, or near, that same location. You could be searching for a location 3 blocks away from where you currently are or 3000 miles away from where you are entering the search.

    If you are in the US and want to enter an address, the Nuvi will present the Select City or Postal Code screen defaulted to the State you are currently in. If you don't need to change the state or country to search in, the fastest way past that screen is to simply press Search All and then enter the address your looking for. The Nuvi will display all the places within the state that meet your search terms and you pick from the usually very short list of locations it gives you.
  • On my nuvi 2557 which has an identical interface, I don't have to do that. It doesn't display that screen. If I go to a different region, I then reset the area of search once. I don't have to do it for every address I want to look for.

    And this was also true for the 265. No need to enter the same information every time.

  • alanb 557 Points
    edited February 2017
    It seems that Garmin has a habit of changing the input prompts and sequence for address entry between various model groups. On my 3597, the first prompt is for house number, not for city. But on my old 755T, the first prompt is for city. Often it will allow you to skip a prompt by just hitting the Next or Done button. Then when the address entry gets narrowed down, it will list the matching addresses for what you entered and allow you to select the one you want. I have never used a 2598, so I don't know what options you have for address entry.
  • t923347 532 Points
    The screen we are referring to comes up before the house number screen on my 3597.

    I think we have talked about this before but don't recall why the Select screen appears on some units and not others or doesn't always appear.
  • t923347 532 Points
    I've been thinking about this some more and I think, at least on the 3597, I've found an answer.

    I believe it has something to do with the locale your Nuvi is set for. On my 3597, which gets the "Select City" screen, I have my locale set to Australia mostly so I get the option to set Auto Zoom on and off. I believe setting the Locale to other countries, like those in Europe, would be the same as setting it to Australia as I do.

    If I go into the diagnostics test screens and change the Locale to United States, I don't see the Select City screen but go directly to the House Number screen when I select Where To? - Address.

    There are a couple of ways to check what your Nuvi's locale is set at. One is to press the speed indicator on the map screen. This will open the Speedo screen. Press and hold the Speed Circle in the top middle of this screen until the Diagnostics Page appears. Tap Developer Info and then on the Developer Info page, scroll down to Change Locale. This will open the Select a New Locale page. Scroll down until you find the country with a highlighted dot beside it. That is the country your Nuvi's Locale is set as.

    If you don't want to see the Select Screen, change the Locale to United States and then save your change. The Nuvi will reboot and you should have what your looking for.
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