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Garmin EarthMate app

Boyd 2043 Points
edited February 2017 in Smartphone Navigation
Just noticed this, it runs on Android and iOS. It is integrated with the inReach devices that are based on DeLorme's technology, however it appears to also work as a standalone app.

Just offhand, I don't see anything compelling that isn't already available from a number of other apps. Too bad Garmin won't release a *real* gps app that funcitons like their dedicated handhelds, with the ability to load your own maps, etc. But maybe this app gives you access to DeLorme's maps, which have been popular in the past?


Scout, Map, Track, Explore from Your Smart Device

Complete GPS navigation solution; works as a standalone mobile app or can be paired with inReach satellite communicator for global satellite connectivity

Cell service not required to navigate; maps are downloaded to your device for access anywhere, anytime

Includes North America TOPO maps, public lands, aerial imagery and U.S. NOAA charts; unlimited maps and cloud storage

Maximize adventures with online trip planning, location sharing and tracking, high-detail trip logging, waypoint dropping and more

Choose activity-specific Hunt Edition or Outdoor mobile app versions; designed for Apple® (Ver 7.0 and later) and Android™ (Ver 4.1 and later) devices
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