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How do I change regional maps in Garmin Zumo 550?

When I connect my Garmin Zumo 550 to Garmins Express, it doesn't show me the option of switching to the different areas of the USA like it used to. The old Zumo 550 does not have enough memory for the whole USA, so instead you could only download 2/3 of the USA. Now I can't seem to find the option anymore, any ideas?

I bought a new Garmin Zumo 590, and I'll be selling the older Zumo 550 once I can get the maps updated..


  • alanb 556 Points
    edited February 2017
    Are you intending then to put the full NA map on the zumo by putting the remaining regions on SD card? It seems like that would be the best option to make the zumo more attractive to sell. Do you have a lifetime map update subscription on the 550? If you do and the region you have installed is the current map version (2018.10 for North America), you can use the option in Garmin express to install the map to computer. That should put the full NA map on computer. Then run MapInstall to install the missing regions to the SD card. Make sure the regions in internal memory and on SD are not overlapping as that can cause navigation problems.

    The other option would be to install the full NA map on SD and remove the map (gmapprom files) from internal storage.
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