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Vehicle Cursor Disappeared...

I have a Garmin 50 and the vehicle cursor that I select keeps disappearing and changes to the blue arrow. When I go to settings all of the cursor selections are also unavailable. I have to do a restore of the operating system files from a backup to get them back. Then a month later it will disappear and go back to the blue arrow again.


  • Boyd 1999 Points
    Never heard of that before. With the Nuvi connected to your computer, open the Vehicles folder. It should have a number of .srf files - these are the vehicles. Are they all there? If the vehicle changes all by itself again, I would check the vehicle folder and see if the files are gone. If all the files are gone, it will revert to the blue arrow which is actually part of the firmware and will be displayed when no .srf files are available.

    If the .srf files are still there but the vehicle reverts to the arrow, the first thing I would try is a hard reset. Sometimes it fixes strange problems like this.

    But if the .srf files are actually gone from the Vehicles folder, that is a bad sign - something may be corrupted in the device's flash memory. Is it still under warranty?
  • The files are all still there. In 2011/12 my 1490 also did the same thing.

    Hard reset?
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