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Any G2 Honda Ridgeline Owner's on here?

Just bought a 2017 Honda Ridgeline (truck) last week. The built-in Navigation is Garmin. Unfortunately it does not have all features of some stand-alone units but pretty good nonetheless. One thing I noticed is that it only has about one or two English voice choices. Maybe Samantha, a Spanish voice and a French voice. I have always been partial to Aussie Karen so when I did a map update which utilizes a USB thumb drive I decided to add the Voices folder from my Nuvi 2699 to the root of the drive. The Honda recognized the Voices folder and now I have every Garmin voice I want in the built-in nav system. Karen is back!

I'm now wondering what other folders the built-in system might recognize. Custom POIs would be my next desire. Vehicles might be another although it did come with nice renditions of a Honda Ridgeline truck in the standard colors. Anyone experimented with enhancing their Honda/Accord Garmin system?
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