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Map update -- slow or normal?

Today I used TomTom Home to purchase a map update -- U.S./Canada/Mexico for my XL 340S, my first update since I bought the unit in 2010. I paid via PayPal and Home responded that they would send an email confirming the purchase. That was about 8 hours ago, but so far, nothing. Is this normal, and am I just being antsy? I realize that it's the weekend, but isn't all of this stuff handled by robots working 24/7?


  • dhn 227 Points
    It should be quicker but sometimes it takes a while for the pay servers to 'talk' to the map servers. That said, I hope your device is not one of the models determined to be EOL (End of Life) by Tomtom whereby no more maps or support is available. Check your model here:

    Support to call:

    Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST
    Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m EST
  • Viseguy 81 Points
    Thanks for the info. Looks like I'm out of luck. Too bad, because it's still a perfectly good device apart from the map. Still nothing from TomTom, BTW.
  • Viseguy 81 Points
    Still nothing from TomTom. Guess it's time to look into a new Garmin.
  • Viseguy 81 Points
    So it's been two weeks and TomTom never contacted me. They had no problem taking my money, though. :-O
  • dhn 227 Points
    I'd call again. Ask for 2nd level support.
  • Viseguy 81 Points
    Finally got around to calling TomTom support. This was first-level support and the representative was very helpful. He processed my refund, but also informed me that my device came with lifetime maps -- who knew? Better still, he offered to try to walk me through installing the new map even though the device is no longer supported. I wasn't at home (where I have Home), so I couldn't take him up on the offer just now, but of course will do so. So the light shines at the end of the tunnel....
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