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Newbie with Nuvi 57LM - Where is battery indicator when plugged into computer?

I installed Garmin Express, updated everything, but now when my Nuvi 57LM is connected to a computer (and presumably charging) all I see on the screen is "GARMIN", "", and an image of the GPS connected to a computer. I see no way to get past that screen. How can I tell when the battery is fully charged?


  • privet01 228 Points
    edited March 2017
    For whatever reason, Garmin doesn't want you playing with the UI while its connected to the computer on many of the garmin models. Most only go into a mode that allows the computer to connect to the garmin devices as removable drives as well as charge the battery. That allows you to access the memory through your computers file explorer or lets Garmin Express and other Garmin programs to update them.

    It probably only takes a half hour or so to top off the battery. But if you are going to use it in your car, it'll charge while you have it plugged into the power supply.

    There are exceptions though. I can't talk specifics for the 57LM though as I don't use one.
  • Boyd 1999 Points
    None of the Nuvi's with which I'm familiar will show battery charge while connected to external power, either at home or in the car. You have to unplug the device so that it's running on battery, then you'll see the charge indicator. I don't understand why, but "it is what it is"... :O)
  • mwrmwr 0 Points
    The online manual for the Nuvi 57 (and others) says:
    Battery Information
    After the device is connected to power, it begins to charge.
    [battery symbol] in the status bar indicates the status of the internal battery.
    I'm not disagreeing with you, just noting that's where I got the idea that I should be able to see the battery indicator while charging.
  • t923347 532 Points
    If the Nuvi is connected to a wall charger or using the vehicle cable supplied with the device you will see the battery charging indicator in the upper right corner of the main "Where To?" screen. If the Nuvi is attached to the computer, the battery will be charging (albeit more slowly) through the supplied USB cable. In this case the only screen available will be the one you see. There is no charging indicator on that screen.
  • mwrmwr 0 Points
    Thanks! I think that settles it.
  • sussamb 829 Points
    Interestingly on the Drive models you do get a charging indicator when connected to a PC.
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