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Have I Been Done

I recently ordered, paid for and have a receipt for a Garmin D/S 50LMTD EU. The EU standing for maps covering the whole of Europe as far as Turkey but excluding Russia. There is a cheaper version with maps for just UK and Ireland. This was an ex display model so came with no box therefore I was not certain what I was getting.
Now when i connect to Garmin Express I see Map Options UK and Ireland 2017.30. Also in the device when I get as far as 'change country', most of the keyboard is greyed out so for example there is no G so I can't type Germany, or no D so I can't look at Denmark. In all 16 of 26 letters are greyed out. The list of countries shown apart from UK and Ireland includes France and Holland but I can't get to Paris apparently !!!!
I feel as if I have been done but don't know how to prove for certain that I have been given the cheaper model but at the higher price. Any thoughts or suggestions please ?


  • sussamb 829 Points
    I suggest you ask where you bought it from.
  • Boyd 1999 Points
    According to Garmin, this is the coverage of the UK and Ireland map. As for the rest, I'd say that's between you and the place where you bought it…

  • privet01 228 Points
    The vendor you bought it from is the first place you should look. If for whatever reason Garmin shows the id of this specific device as only having a limited mapset, then that will only be problematic for future updates. So you need to ensure the vendor sold you what you bought.
  • Thanks everyone. I took it back an hour ago and got a brand new one (Not Ex Display) with all the maps on it.
    Cheers all.
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